ALD-150H Commercial Conveyor Toaster | Professional Heavy Duty | Stainless Steel | 150PCs per Hour

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  • Adjustable conveyor speed, 7 bread colors to select.
  • 3 different toasting mode, provide you with ideal bread crispiness
  • Suit from traditional white slice to hearty, wheat bagel halves, buns, donut, etc.
  • Make soft bread, buns, keep them be heated evenly.


3 Model + 7Control


  • 1.When the power is on, the indicator will light, turn the knob COLOR CONTROL to right until it reached the position “3” (notice: the speed of the chain net as fast as the color became lighten.
  • 2. Before toasting, turn on the power and it will take approximately 10 to 12 minutes for the unit to warm up.
  • 3.After the bread has been toasted well, put the bread into the down tray, the bread will follow the down tray to slip onto the lower crumb tray from the unit chamber as picture four showing.
  • 4. If you want to get the bread at the back of the unit, draw the sliding board out of the unit.
  • 5. If toasting the steamed bun, turn the knob which in the right to the “BUNS” position, the upper electric heating elements working on. If want to heat preservation, turn it to the “STBY” position.
  • 6.After using, turn the knob to “OFF” position and pull the plug out.